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Ethiopia an African Nation Embraces Islam (I.A)

The First Haven Of The First Hirja (Migration)

Debate Discussion Truth

"A Line in The Sand"

The Meaning and The Signifcance of "Hijra" is Embodied in the Islamic Calender, Since It's Inception The Islamic Calender Represents A History of Perpetual Struggle between truth and falsehood, Faith and Blasphemy, Freedom and Oppression, Light and darkness, between Peace and War

Within Islam Al Qu'ran an Abrahamic Faith Illumination For All
Hijra The First Migration

In Islamic History & Tradition, Ethiopia (Abyssinia or Al-Habasha) is Known As The Haven of First Migration or Hijra" For Muslims, Ehtiopia is synonymous with freedom from fear and persuction more importantly emancipation from fear. Ethiopia was a land where it's King, Negus or Al-Najashi was a person renowned for justice and whose lands human rights were cherished.

[Ethiopia Long Held The Concept of Liberty Before the Western World Defined Liberty]

The First Migration Hirja of the Companions Relatives of ~

The Prophet Muhammed (Peace and Blesings Be Upon Him) to Ethiopia celebrates the birth of freedom of expression and beliefs, the Second Migration to Madinah celebrates the end of opression.

History has shown that the first migration to Ethiopia and the second migratration to Madinah have indeed laid down the foundation on which Islam, as an universal religion was built. Ever since that experience the Muslim community whereever they settled, shifted from a the positive of a minority to a majority, from weakness to strength, from tribalism to universal brotherhood that knows no defined political boundries.

The Qu'ran Says:

"O Mankind We created you from a single soul, male and female, and made you into nations that you may come to know one another. Truly the most honoured in you in God's Sight is the greatest of you inpiety.

God is All-Knowing All Aware

(Quran 49:13)

With this in mind Bilal ibn Rabah, An Ethiopian Slave living in Makkah, became a leading companion of the Prophet Muhammed.

Bilal Ibn Rabah, was one of the most trusted and loyal companion of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) after converting to Islam became Islam's First Muezzin the singer or caller to prayer due to his immensely souful voice. Bilal also plays a key role in Islam as a emancipated slave he is the finest example of pluralism and racial equality within the foundations of Islam.
Debate Discussion Truth
It was not coincidence that Bilal's native land Ethiopia, was the country chosen by the Prophet when his followers needed protection and freedom from oppression.

One of the Most Important Passages and Guidance from the Qu'ran That Dignifies Representatives of Islam in Western Lands, Those who Preachs The Verse:

"And dispute you not with the People of the Book, except with means better, unless it be of them who inflict wrong. But say, We believe in the Revelation which has come down to us and that which came to you: Our God and your God is One: and it is to him we bow down is Islam: (Qu'ran 29:46)

Muhammed Haykal, author of the "Life of Muhammed" said that Prophet Muhammed trusted that his followers and relatives would be better off if they migrated to a country whose religon is Christanity a scriptural religion whose Prophet was Jesus son of Mary. He was not afraid his folowers would convert and give up their faith in favour of any other established religion.

He was more convinced that Islam Would be more protected in it's infancy in a 'fertile and prospersous land' ruled by the Scripture than among the igominious pagans of Arabia.

The Companions and relatives of the Prophet were prepared to sacrifice and sufer all sorts of hardship and alienation rather than give up their own conviction and freedom.

The Prophet gave his cmpanions the following letter to give to the King once they had reached Ethiopia.

"In The Name of Allah The Most Merciful, Most Gracious From Muhammed, the Messenger of Allah. To Negus Al-Ashan, King of Abyssinia.

"Peace, I praise Allah who is the King, The Holy, The Peace, The Faithful, The Watcher, and I bear witness that Jesus, Son of Mary, is the Spirit of Allah and his word, Which cast to Mary the Virgin the good the pure, she concieved Jesus.

Allah created him from His Spirit and His Breathing as He created Adam by his Hand and His Breathing.

I call to you to Allah, the Unique without partner, and to his obedience, and to follow me and believe in that which came to me. For I am the Messenger of Allah.

I have sent you my cousin Jafar with a number of Muslims, and when they come, enterain with haughtiness, for I invite you and your armies to Allah.

I have accomplished my work and my admonition, so recieve my advice. Peace upon all those that follow True Guidance"

In view of this determination, the Ethiopian King, Negus As'ha'mah undoubtedly recognised the significance of the prophet of Allah, and the need to treat the Muslims with kindness and dignity.

The Christian Church Leaders who listened to the debate between Muslims learned the real truth about Islam.

Dignified Discussion Debate With Pauses To Listen Intently

Leads To Truth and Enlightenment

Debate Discussion Truth

The Ethiopians Gracious Hospitality and Acceptance of Islam is One of The Most Imortant Historic Facts That to This Day Where Dignified Discussion & Debate, Where focus was on Learning fact finding about a subject in this case the Religion of Islam before a Swift Unfair Condemnation.

The Acceptance of Islam as a Important Religion The Ethiopian King and His Church Leaders Recognized Islam as it's Scripture from the Same Source as the Injeel (The Gospel) & Offered Hospitality, Sercurity and Sanctuary.

Note: The man Amr a friend of Al-Najashi King of Ethiopia played a trick and asked Ja'far to tell Ashama the Islamic ideology about Jesus. This was a difficult situation because Jesus is not mentioned as the son of God in Quran. To this, Ja'far recited some verses of Maryam (sura).

Next, the king made 'a line on the sand' with his mace (The Origin of 'Drawing a Line In The Sand') and said, "By God, Jesus is not more than what you have described him. By God, I will never give you up to anyone." He then declared that Muslims could live in Abyssinia (Ethiopia) for as long as they wished for.

This Bond It Shall and Should Never Be Forgotten As Ethiopia is the Spirit of Africa With A Great Heritage. Ths is relevant to our roots and culture and an example of when discussion and debate whilst listening intently can lead to truth over falsehood.

Africa We Face Neither East nor West

We Face Forward

Kwame Nkrumah

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